Kalau dh itu takdirnya..

I am not from a rich family. My family is just an ordinary, moderate family originated from Kelantan. I have a funny but fierce dad, a kind yet firm mother.

I have a brother who just finish his study from an ordinary college, but he has a beautiful heart. He always put his siblings first, he always thinking that he is not really important compared to others.. you're important to me bro.. i still remember, one day, he rather go to work by his kapcai moto, because he want me to use the car. Yet he was trapped in the rain because of other people..
Ya Allah mulianya hati abgku, berilah dia hidayah dan keampuanan-Mu..

I have 2 younger brother and sista. My bro is not entering any universiti as he loves sport so much. but he is not as good as khairul fahmi che mat, his friend, so he left his whole life interest, and now he is working with my pak cik, who own an insurance company. my youngest sista is now studying in UNISEL doing early childhood education. She is always kind and menjadi kesayangan mama & papa coz she is the youngest (ayat cam jeles je kan.. hehe)

Graduating from UTP is my dream that i always wanna give as a beautiful memory to my parent. And last sunday, 16 oct 2011, i can say, the happiest day to my parent. They never attend any graduation ceremony before, so that was their first experience. i always wanna serve my parent right after i finish my studies, but I've tried my best yet, i do not received any interview.

But one day i got a call that turn out to be my rezeki that i never thought before. My Japanese professor, call me and ask me to be his Research Assistant and at the same time doing master under him. Gosh.. menda yg paling sy tanak adalah sambung blaja turn out to be my destiny. That is what we call REZEKI, we may have our own plan, but Allah has better plan..

Maybe Allah want me to be a lecturer, maybe Allah want me to continue doin da'wah in UTP. But leaving my family again for another 2 years is really a tearful moment for me.

Ya Allah, aku mohon Engkau permudahkan urusan dunia & akhirat ku, jadikan aku anak yang berbakti kepada kedua ibubapaku, jadikan aku seorang manusia yg berbakti kpd agama-Mu.



It had been so long i've not written anything in my novel of life.. i wonder if anyone really follow my blog coz me myself pun not that istiqamoh to update my own blog. huhuhu.

For me, a blog is not a medium to really want people to follow pon, it's just my novel of life to write anything about my life. maybe my story would inspire your life.. (bajet cam tokoh wanita kebangsaan je kan)

hmm.. I can say 2011 is really a year that Allah swt have tests me with a lot of dugaan & cubaan.. Dugaan & cubaan doesn't mean something yg susah giler, xde nasi nk makan ke, kena pelempang dgn lecturer ke.. its beyond that.. di beri cubaan kesenangan, cubaan perasaan (err.. yelah slalu pong pang pong pang bg tazkirah kt adik2.. ni Allah kasi direct nye ujian), to see how we handle that.. coz Allah berfirman,

“Patutkah manusia menyangka bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan dengan hanya berkata: “Kami beriman”, sedang mereka tidak diuji (dengan sesuatu cubaan)? Dan demi sesungguhnya! Kami telah menguji orang-orang yang terdahulu daripada mereka, maka (dengan ujian yang demikian), nyata apa yang diketahui Allah tentang orang-orang yang sebenar-benarnya beriman, dan nyata pula apa yang diketahuiNya tentang orang-orang yang berdusta. ” (Surah Al-Ankabut : 2,3)

and Alhamdulillah, i manage to go tru it with smile altho there are tears in my eyes.. well i've learn something~