Ideal State of Life

i·de·al  (ī-dē′əl, ī-dēl′)

1. A conception of something in its absolute perfection.
2. One that is regarded as a standard or model of perfection or excellence.
3. An ultimate object of endeavor; a goal.
4. An honorable or worthy principle or aim.

As an engineering student, I think most of us would always heard about ideal state or ideal condition. When we are calculating any engineering term, we where always assuming the water or the object is in ideal condition in order to get the correct answer.

But somehow we can't really comply these to our real life. Our life is not as ideal as we thought it should be. When I started joining usrah long time ago, I was taught that you should follow this, that and that. I can't do this, this and that. Islam is not as rigid as that. Some people will not agreed with me. 

In life, you will not always getting something you wish for. I wish for a really beautiful journey towards my wedding day which include the taaruf, the mahar is Al Quran, our parents will make it easy, you have to get married to ikhwan, so that you will happily ever after, so on and so forth. But the reality is far far far away beyond the dreams. But the concept is still the same although the condition is not ideal. 

The concept is: 

Whatever reality that you has to face, always choose Allah.