wat did u get by drinking dis??

This is wat i read from kosmo online.. (tak pehe ambo, tiap2 tahun bg bantuan kat palestin tapi bakpo dok wi duit ko zionis pulop)

Let's reveal the truth..

From 1966 onward Coca-Cola has been a stauch supporter of Israel.[4]

In 1997 the Government of Israel Economic Mission honored Coca-Cola at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of Israel for the last 30 years and for refusing ro abide by the Arab League boycott of Israel. [1]

[ In contrast Pepsi abided by the Arab League boycott of Israel which ended in May 1991, after 1992 Pepsi is also trading in Israel - see [2] ]

In 2001 the Coca-Cola World Headquarters hosted and was the main sponser of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala.[5].

It has ben revealed that Coca-Cola Israel sponsers training programs for its workers on subjects including the Israeli-Arab conflict. The course content is created by a company funded by the Jewish Agency and the Israeli government.[6]

In February 2002, Coca-Cola teamed up with "Friends of Israel" and National Hillel to cosponser a lecture given by the infamous zionist correspondent Linda Gradstein at the University of Minnesota.[3]

In July 2002, it has been announced that Coca-Cola, in return for millions in incentives from the Israeli government, is to build a new plant on stolen Palestinian land at Kiryat Gat.[7]

In October 2005, Coca-Cola increased its investment in Israel by buying a 51 percent controlling interest in the Tavor Winery.


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