Alhamdulillah ya Allah,,, to know U, to love U, to being love by U.. is the most awesome thing ever happen to me. As for me before this, i just know Allah as a God.. nothing less, nothing much. But, after several causes happen, i started to realize the One behind all those things happen in my whole life is U. The happiness cannot be replaced by any word.

May this happiness will never end.

To those who read this blog, there is only one message i wanna share.. its about our solat. If your solat make you become a discipline, honest, positive person.. so its look like you really care bout ur solat.. but if its the other way around... the solat is just a physical activities without meaning. try to improve in give some focus in our solat, so we will be a very visionary person in real life...

may Allah forgive all of us..