Life and Lesson

Almost 2 years I've not writing anything in this blog aka my dairy. And for 2 years I've gone tru ups and down in my life.

This 2 years Allah had taught me a lot.

1) Allah will gives whatever you desired for as long as your intention is HIM. Subhanallah He really is.

2) Allah will show you the truth as long as you zero your mind from any perception, negative thinking towards any people or situation.  Be natural, and you can differentiate those who is full of hatred and those who full of love and care.

3) Always be thankful of what you have instead of comparing yourself with other. Allah gives his blessing in different form for each person.  

4) As long as what you do is to obedient His rules,, insyaallah He will take care the rest. Don't worry.

5) Stop worrying too much of what people think. You have no responsibility of what they think and judge you. They are the one who has to face Allah for their negative perception and fitnah.

6) Blessing is not what people see, it is what you feel.

Salam, insyaallah i will keep writing. :) smile people.