Sahabat dunia akhirat

In our life, we will meet many kind of people.Some were very kind hearted. I have one friend who never has any perception towards others. She's my roomate during our life in utp. She knows everything about me. Even now we haven't talk so much, but when me meet, there's no wall between. its like the old days we used to talk and its never gonna change.

As the time goes by, I meet many other human being with many kind of attitudes. There's one friend who like you by condition. If he/she doesn't like what you do she will backbitting you instead of tell honestly to you. Yeah, i met this type of friend already. Kinda upset for me at first because i really love her like my own sister but i now didnt care much.

What is important in friendship is honesty. Love your friend like your own sibling. Sometime you will fight but eventually you will laugh together again.

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