I love my blog

Such a long long time I've not written anything here. But when sometimes I came here, it really recall back my memory. And i never get tired reading all those post. Arrhh.. What a long time now. 

Sekelip mata everything change. I have a cute little baby with my loving husband by my side. Oh Allah what a blessing I could ever ask for. They are really my penyejuk mata dan penyejuk hati. My baby is 7 months old, Iman muttaqin we call him. He is such a good no-tantrum-at-all baby. Even during my pregnancy I never had such morning sickness and all. Alhamdulillah. 

My sayang my king my bestfriend. The best thing about my hubby is that he always doing the best for me and Iman. My favourite time with him is when our baby is sleeping, we talk about everything together. About life, family, ambition, dreams. I love talking to him. Its just like talking to your best friend hours and hours and finally fall asleep to each other. Sometimes we argue about certain things and fall apart because of the different. Finally we fall back together and make us closer to each other. Alhamdulillah ya Allah. 

One things that I wish I could always do with my sayang and my baby is constantly contribute ourself in dakwah which that is how we say thank you to Allah. Alhamdulillah even with a 7 months baby I manage to attend ESQ/taklimdarulmurtadza every week helping the training. I will keeep that going on even after I had 10 babies. insyaallah. hew hew hew. 

Apapun dlm hidup akan ada ujian2 yang perlu di tempuhi tambahan pula bila kita kawin we are not only married our hubby but also his family. If semua benda kita nak terasa hati, hidup akan jd sangat terseksa. Jadi, we need to have a BIG HEART. Big heart that is not easily affected with people mouth. Semua orang ada preference masing2. Kita takkan mampu buat semua orang suka kita. Yang kita mampu adalah menjaga akhlak kita dan ignore all those kata2 tohmahan orang. Yang baik kita ambik yang buruk kita maafkan je. 

Yang penting FOCUS to our dreams. Yakni kita nk mati dan berjumpa Allah. Hidup kita bukan sekadar bergaduh dgn org, terasa hati and all. But hidup kita ada misi yang lebih besar yaitu berusaha untuk dekat dgn Allah, sibukkan diri dgn pengajian agama, mencari rezeki dgn perniagaan (go to facebook; shaf collection).. maka kita takkan perasan sgt benda2 yang kecik ni. Tak gituuu? 

Then you will find your life is happy dan tenang Insyaallah. 

Till we meet again. Assalamualaikum. Thanks for reading blog mak jemah. lulz. 

Sahabat dunia akhirat

In our life, we will meet many kind of people.Some were very kind hearted. I have one friend who never has any perception towards others. She's my roomate during our life in utp. She knows everything about me. Even now we haven't talk so much, but when me meet, there's no wall between. its like the old days we used to talk and its never gonna change.

As the time goes by, I meet many other human being with many kind of attitudes. There's one friend who like you by condition. If he/she doesn't like what you do she will backbitting you instead of tell honestly to you. Yeah, i met this type of friend already. Kinda upset for me at first because i really love her like my own sister but i now didnt care much.

What is important in friendship is honesty. Love your friend like your own sibling. Sometime you will fight but eventually you will laugh together again.

Special post to my sahabat dunia akhirat: pau, lin, sirah, kak al, kak yan, nana, mun, aini, kak mark, timoh, syik, fiq, dayang.

Life in life

Ya Allah, 

Indahnya merasai ada kehidupan dalam hidupku. Merasai anak dalam kandungan ini bergerak2, suatu keindahan perasaan yg tak tergambarkan. Membawa zuriat suamiku seperti membawa benih cintanya, cinta kami kepada Mu. 

Gambar sekadar hiasan

Ya Allah, 
Tambahkan kesyukuran dalam hatiku, tambahkan kesyukuran dalam setiap amal perbuatanku, tanda aku bersyukur menjadi hamba Mu. Biarpun aku selalu sahaja khilaf kepada Mu, tetap sahaja Engkau beri kami nikmat dan kebaikan pada kami. 

Lalu nikmat Tuhanmu yg mana lagi yang hendak Engkau dusta kan? 

Ideal State of Life

i·de·al  (ī-dē′əl, ī-dēl′)

1. A conception of something in its absolute perfection.
2. One that is regarded as a standard or model of perfection or excellence.
3. An ultimate object of endeavor; a goal.
4. An honorable or worthy principle or aim.

As an engineering student, I think most of us would always heard about ideal state or ideal condition. When we are calculating any engineering term, we where always assuming the water or the object is in ideal condition in order to get the correct answer.

But somehow we can't really comply these to our real life. Our life is not as ideal as we thought it should be. When I started joining usrah long time ago, I was taught that you should follow this, that and that. I can't do this, this and that. Islam is not as rigid as that. Some people will not agreed with me. 

In life, you will not always getting something you wish for. I wish for a really beautiful journey towards my wedding day which include the taaruf, the mahar is Al Quran, our parents will make it easy, you have to get married to ikhwan, so that you will happily ever after, so on and so forth. But the reality is far far far away beyond the dreams. But the concept is still the same although the condition is not ideal. 

The concept is: 

Whatever reality that you has to face, always choose Allah. 

Life and Lesson

Almost 2 years I've not writing anything in this blog aka my dairy. And for 2 years I've gone tru ups and down in my life.

This 2 years Allah had taught me a lot.

1) Allah will gives whatever you desired for as long as your intention is HIM. Subhanallah He really is.

2) Allah will show you the truth as long as you zero your mind from any perception, negative thinking towards any people or situation.  Be natural, and you can differentiate those who is full of hatred and those who full of love and care.

3) Always be thankful of what you have instead of comparing yourself with other. Allah gives his blessing in different form for each person.  

4) As long as what you do is to obedient His rules,, insyaallah He will take care the rest. Don't worry.

5) Stop worrying too much of what people think. You have no responsibility of what they think and judge you. They are the one who has to face Allah for their negative perception and fitnah.

6) Blessing is not what people see, it is what you feel.

Salam, insyaallah i will keep writing. :) smile people.